Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Public-Private-Partnership and Sustainable Development of Infrastructures in Nigeria

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    There is broad acceptance that Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) can improve cost effectiveness and render more satisfactory performance of infrastructure projects. But it is also widely accepted that the PPP option is yet to be fully utilized for the building and management of infrastructures in Nigeria. The paper reviews PPP practices and institutional framework in Nigeria, compares them with what obtains in selected global best practice countries, and suggests how PPP can become self sustaining. Among other recommendations, the paper calls for mainstreaming of PPP through an institutional restructuring process that creates a cocktail of full service PPP agencies, vested with both regulatory and executive powers as is the case in many global best practice countries. Success with the proposed framework, however, calls for more holistic PPP legislation, sustainable long term financing models, and a comprehensive business dispute resolution framework.