Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Converting DIY stores to a complete Omni-channel experience: A case of Brico in Belgian

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  • Abstract 

    This study aims to develop an Omni-channel strategy for DIY store retailers. We used Brico, a DIY store chain in Belgian, as the research case in the study. The study provided seven possible strategies for Omni-channel retailing include that, firstly, retailers may convert the current services into a strong, easy-to-use and modern system. All obtainable data about a product should be provided. Secondly, retailers may consider to use iBeacon to attract customers in the offline store. Thirdly, retailers may convert the multiple IT systems they use now, into one, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Fourth, retailers may focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for reaching the target audience online. Fifth, retailers may use QR codes in the store for retrieving broader product information. Sixth, the approach to be considered is to improve their means of payment, such as Bancontact. Lastly, retailers may improve their click & collect service to heavily connect the physical store, the mobile devices and the websites.

    JEL classification numbers: L81
    Keywords: Omni-channel, Multi-channel, DIY store.