Advances in Management and Applied Economics

An Empirical Study by Applying Multi-Criteria Expertise Analytic Hierarchy Process Model in Evaluation

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  • Abstract

    Financial organizations have been globally studied, but few of these studies have examined the strategies used by banks in Vietnam for making decisions regarding bank rankings. This research is objective to explore and to demonstrate utility of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) application in banking for the purpose of proposing a suitable model for partners evaluation and selecting banking strategic alliances in Vietnam. The AHP is applied to examine what criteria should be encompassed in evaluating and examining the importance weightings of influential criteria when ranking the bank system. After a long process of calculation based on AHP, the author has come up with the final rankings according expertís interview: ACBís percentages have change widely from each sub-criterion. By this thesis, author would contribute to the ranking process of the banking system, in general, and the special case of Vietnamese banking a very modern model to apply, then to choose the right alliance for further cooperation, not only for banking system but it can be applied for a lot of industries.

    JEL classification numbers: G22, G21
    Keywords: AHP, banking system, evaluating, rankings, experts