Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Ranking The Strategies of Human Resource Management During Economic Crisis Period Using Analytic Hierarchy Process

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    Choosing a right action in economic crisis period is a kind of multi-criteria decision making problem for human resource management. The aim of this paper is to determine the appropriate strategy that human resource management department applies during economic crisis time. In this study, data was taken from human resource management experts. We proposed a strategy selection analysis model considering Analytic Hierarchy Process method. Subjective opinions of human resource management experts turn into quantitative form with Analytic Hierarchy Process. AHP was used for calculating the strategies’ ratings. In this study human resource management strategy alternatives including “Reducing Resources”, “Increasing Resources” and “Increasing Organizational Identification” and sub alternatives which can be used during economic crisis period were evaluated and ranked. “Increasing Organizational Identification” strategy alternative had the highest priority weight and “Reducing Resources” strategy had the lowest priority weight. “Increasing Resources” strategy is seen as more important than “Reducing Resources” strategy and this is an interesting result emerging.