Advances in Management and Applied Economics

A reconceptualization of manufacturers’ sustainable product-service business models: Triple bottom line perspective

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    As indicated by the WBCSD, the triple bottom line should be the goal of an enterprise’s sustainable operation. PSS and past literature related to sustainability have mostly discussed related theory or conducted empirical research. Many recent studies have integrated the two aspects to describe sustainable business models, but they have mostly been based on case studies. Therefore, this research integrated qualitative and quantitative viewpoints to construct sustainable product-service business models and it was carried out in three phases. Phase1 referred to conceptualization, in which past literature and focus group interviews were combined to construct the preliminary items and the questionnaire. Phase2 referred to measurement, in which the reliability and validity of the various questionnaire dimensions were verified. Phase3 referred to verification, which was aimed at the integrative framework of S-PSS models. AHP was used to analyze the relative importance and managerial implications of each dimension. In the main dimensions of sustainable product-service business models, the dimension of scientific and technological sustainable development is more crucial than the dimensions of product-service sustainable development, social sustainable development and organizational sustainable development. In the minor dimensions, creating value from waste, new service delivery, delivering functionality rather than ownership, and developing scale up solutions are more crucial.


    JEL classification numbers: C83, M15, O31

    Keywords: product-service system, sustainable product-service system, business model, triple bottom line