Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Brand Management and Innovation in Mexican Small Business

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  • Abstract 

    The paper must have abstract not exceeding 200 words. Brand management is considered in the current literature of marketing as one of the most important business strategies and it is a relatively new topic that is increasing its adepts among researchers, scholars, and professionals in the field of marketing since brand management allows organizations more and better results as well as to increase innovation activities. However, despite the importance of brand management and innovation, there are relatively few investigations focused in the analysis and discussion of the relation between both construct. That is why it is necessary to produce more research papers that provide empirical evidence of the effects of brand management in innovation. For this reason the main goal of this empirical investigation is the analysis and discussion of the effects of brand management in the innovation of small enterprises. The results obtained show that the brand management of products or services of small enterprises have positive, significant effects in the innovation activities carried out by small enterprises.

    JEL classification numbers: M31
    Keywords: Brand management, innovation, small business