Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Can a Game-based Productivity Tool Improve Procrastination?

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  • Abstract 

    One of the effective management of work-load is to avoid procrastination. With the popularity of the Internet access, Internet addiction makes avoiding procrastination even more challenging. Many productivity tool Apps were designed to avoid procrastination caused by mobile device addiction. However, the effect is not significant. To improve the effectiveness of productivity tools, this research surveyed the procrastination factors, and proposed a game-based learning framework which combines the procrastination factors with gaming factors. The proposed work induces the sustainability of game-based design to ensure the user engagement. Based on the proposed framework, a game-based productivity tool app is developed to evaluate the results. Semi-structural interviews of domain experts are carried out prior conducting the experiments. Experiments adopted TAM model to verify the significant factors and the effectiveness of the proposed work.

    JEL classification numbers: J24
    Keywords: Procrastination, Gamification, productivity tool.