Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Are Government Owned Organizations DeliberatelyDemonized? The Organizational Citizenship Behavior Indicators

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    Traditionally in India the Government owned enterprises has been cursed by people and scholars equally. The notional drivers of change and progress, these giants have been criticized over the years as grossly inefficient, over staffed, bureaucratic and killingly slow in decision making. Though there is little empirical evidence over these claims. A very few studies have been made to establish the contributory factors to these claims. Organizational Culture is a huge contributor in making of an organization its people and its processes, yet very little study is available to refer on impact of Organizational Culture on discretionary behaviors of employees working in the Government owned organizations or PSUs. The current work would focus on bringing out the distinctive impact of Organizational Culture on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the private and the public sector companies, thus attempting to gauge the degree of impact on both these sectors. The paper takes three different sectors to examine the discretionary behaviors in three divergent sectors namely; Government owned PSU, a modern private sector bank and a prominent IT organization.