Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The International Expansion Strategies for Giordano: A Case Study from Chinese Clothing Industry

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    Giordano opened its first retail store in Hong Kong in 1981 and started to expand to Taiwan with the entry mode of joint venture. In 1985, it expanded to Singapore. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are the four key markets of its international expansion. To ensure its successfully competing in international markets, Giordano have been always providing high qualified products and excellent service to its customers. The price to value concept had been testified to be successful. Advertising and promotion are another effective way to keep a strong customer relationship. For the global entry sequence, Giordano made its initial overseas move in Asia. Because of Asian crisis from 1997 to 1999, it started to widen its markets and expanded in Germany, Japan, and Kuwait etc. As a whole, the Uppsala model does indeed explain the internationalization of Giordano. Franchising is the strategy reserved by Giordano when failed in entering Germany and Japan, which will still be a better strategy than joint venture. For the positioning aspect, Giordano started to reposition its core brand by to be more stylish. As a whole, Giordano has placed ‘internationalization’ on the brand and is in the process of turning into a global brand.