Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Investigating the Factors Influence Tweens’ Purchase Intention through Peer Conformity in Taiwan

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  • Abstract

    Past research has focused mainly on discovering the relationship between brand image, brand attitude, and purchasing behavior. Such studies have found that consumers will rely on brand preference as the major purchasing reference when they have positive brand attitudes toward products. Because the majority of tweens have less knowledge of brand choice and tend to seek references from celebrities for purchasing decisions, this article seeks to understand the impact of brand image, consistency of the brand, and advertising agency efforts toward purchasing intent. Brand attitude is used as the intermediate variable. To verify the proposed research framework, a survey was conducted using a group of middle- to high school students in Taiwan. The obtained results indicated that this cluster of teenagers will have a lower consciousness risk; a stronger positive influence on brand behavior if their peers have support the brand image; and when peers exhibit positive brand behavior. As a result, this group will trust this brand more and increase their purchasing intention. Moreover, when this cluster is exposed to consistency between a celebrity endorser and the congruency of the brand, they can easily link the brand image with the celebrity endorser and subsequently improve their brand behavior.