Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Influence of Transformational Leadership and Intrinsic Motivation to Employee Performance

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  • Abstract

    The complexity of today's global conditions implies the role and achievement of a leader who is very dominant in running a business. Every leader needs to understand well a condition to start a change. The purpose of this study is to find out how much the influence of transformational and intrinsic motivation on employee performance in coal mining company in North Kalimantan province. The result of the research concludes each of the regression between transformational leadership and intrinsic motivation, only intrinsic motivation variable which has dominant influence to employee performance variable at coal mining company in North Borneo Province 0.641 (64.1%). Furthermore, from the results of statistical calculation resulted in the R2 value of 0.375 means transformational leadership variable and intrinsic motivation with can explain the variability of 37.5% then employee performance variable at coal mining company in North Borneo Province, while the remaining contents of 62.5% are explained by other causes that are not in the model.

    JEL classification numbers: M51, M53, M54
    Keywords: transformational leadership, intrinsic motivation, and employee performance.