Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Impact of Economic Crisis on Unemployment and Labor Migration in the Northeast of Thailand

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    This study aims to examine the characteristics of unemployment and migration of labor in the Northeastern of Thailand and to study the unemployment problems faced by local workers. The samples used in the study were 455 unemployed workers in Khon Kaen province, that is, 204 male and 251 female workers. Most workers, 36.04%, were between the ages of 26-30 years old. The unemployed were mostly single at 52.97%. Factors that relate to the severity of the unemployment problem are the number of times that one has been unemployed and the household expenditure. Factors that are associated with the severity of poverty are educational levels, the number of unemployed in a household, and the income prior to unemployment. Factors that relate to the demand for permanent job positions are age, marital status, and income prior to unemployment. Factors that relate to migration are gender, age, household size, household income, and expenditure.