Advances in Management and Applied Economics

An emotional antecedent to stress at work in health care

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    Most of the people working in organizations requiring employee-customer direct interaction are facing different kinds of stress. Many of the stresses are related to their work such as target completion, pressure of providing best facilities to the customers. In addition to physical facilities customers also expect different kinds of gestures, most importantly emotions such as happiness, greeting, cheerfulness, enthusiasm. These gestures are popularly known as emotional labour. Emotional labour is one of the main kind or work to be done in industries like medical or hospital. Now a days as the facilities in medical and hospitality department are increased as well as job stress and emotional turmoil is also increased. A large numbers of researches have been conducted to evaluate the emotional labor and work stress among various departments, all these studies have either been conducted in the western context or conducted long back rendering them unsuitable in today’s fiercely competitive environment. This research evaluates the emotional labor and work stress among the medical staff including both doctors and nurses in Indian working environment. The results of the study reveal that emotional labour is contributing positively towards job stress in both cases. Interestingly study also indicates that doctors and nurses do not differ significantly in emotional labour as well as work stress.