Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Impact of QWL on employee satisfaction case of oil and gas industry in Qatar

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    This paper examines the factors that influence QWL and investigate the relationship between QWL and satisfaction among employees working in the Oil and Gas companies in the State of Qatar. While much of the attention been directed to the concept of QWL in developed countries, it has received very attention in scholarly literature in Qatar and GCCs. Three essentail factors (physical, psychological and social factors) were identified as potential predictors of QWL in an organization. A survey has been carried out to determine how these factors affect the QWL and how QWL affects the employees’ satisfaction. The survey responses were anaylzed through exploratory analysis and then a multivariate statistical methodology. The research supports that the physical, psychological and social factors’ centrality have a significant relationship with QWL which indirectly impact employees’ satisfaction. It was also indicated that individual’s family life correlates significantly with his/her level of QWL.