Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Organizational learning as an approach to achieve outstanding performance: an applied study on Al-Taif University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    Organizational Learning (OL) has emerged as one of the most promising constructs in management and organizational literature. OL works as a catalyst to enhance performance. Organizations of developing countries are striving to improve their performance. Therefore, this study is seeking to find the relationship between OL and organizational performance. The present research aims at exploring OL as one of the most important organizational factors that can direct the behavior and attitudes of the faculty members to promote Outstanding University Performance (OUP). There are two constructs relevant to OL, namely, Adaptive Organizational Learning (AOL) and Generative Organizational Learning (GOL). This research is practical, according to its purpose, and descriptive, according to its data collection method. Out of the 310 questionnaires that were distributed, 280 usable questionnaires were returned, a response rate of 90%. The findings reveal that there are differences among the two groups of the faculty members regarding their evaluative attitudes towards OL and OUP. Also, this study reveals that the aspects of OL (AOL and GOL) have a significantly direct effect on OUP. Accordingly, the study provides a set of recommendations including the necessity to pay more attention to AOL, in general, and GOL, in particular, at the university.