Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Economic and Social Factors in Shaping Jordanís Life Expectancy: Empirical Analysis (1990-2014)

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  • Abstract

    The current research paper seek to investigate socio-economic determinants for life expectancy in Jordan over the over the period from 1990 through 2014 using vector autoregression framework (VAR). The explanatory variables concluded that the change in life expectancy comes from per capita GDP (LGDP) with 21% and unemployment (LUNPR) with 19%. This is followed by a small change in of 6%, 5% and 2% of government expenditure on health (LGHE), secondary school enrolment (LSEER) and urban population (LURBAN) respectively. This brings about new vision for policy schemes to scrutinize economic stabilization approaches targeting productivity increase, growing economy and diminishing unemployment rates, while formulating comprehensive policy to increase health care expenditures and improve governorates development situations.

    JEL classification numbers: D6, I10
    Keywords: Life expectancy, VAR, Socio-economic factors, Jordan.