Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Expectation, Service Quality, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intention – Evidence from Taiwan’s Medical Tourism Industry

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  • Abstract

    Medical tourism in recent years has been increasingly promoted in many Asian nations. This study uses Hong Kong, Macao, and mainland China people who have ever visited Taiwan as research subjects to investigate the relationships and effects of expectation, service quality, satisfaction, and behavioral intention of Taiwan’s medical tourism industry through a questionnaire. The research findings show that expectation has a direct effect on both service quality and satisfaction. Service quality also has a direct effect on both satisfaction and behavioral intention. Moreover, satisfaction has a significantly direct effect on behavioral intention. Results of this study can be a reference for the medical and tourism industries in cross-industry cooperation as well as in the development of medical tourism programs and related facilities. Limitations and suggestions for future research are also provided.

    JEL classification numbers: L5, L8, M31
    Keywords: Medical tourism, Expectation, Service quality, Satisfaction, Behavioral intention