Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Analyzing Basketball Fansí Behavior in Basketball Super League of Kosova

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  • Abstract

    As an enterprise could not exist without its customers, also a sport team could not exist without its fans. Due to the fact that every team of every kind of sport would not be completed without their fans, it seemed necessary to conduct a study related to models of fansí behavior. As part of this research, basketball fansí behavior models in the basketball Super League of Kosovo were studied and analyzed. The first part of the study includes a review of various literature, publications and scientific journals related to understanding the role and importance of consumer behavior. The second part of the study includes a survey questionnaire, with a 275 fans sample base, randomly selected from fans clubs of Basketball teams in Kosovo. The purpose of the survey was collect data to determine behavior models of actual basketball fans in the Basketball League of Kosova and analyze various internal and external factors which influence such behaviors. Finally, data obtained from questionnaire surveys were used to draw conclusions on issues central to this research and issue recommendations which may be useful to Basketball fans clubs and teams which are currently operating in Kosovo in the Super League, as well as other related actors interested in this field.

    JEL classification numbers: D11, D23
    Keywords: Consumer behavior models, basketball, fans, value model, Fishbein model.