Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Effects of information culture and job satisfaction on the organizational innovation a study of different leadership styles as a moderatoritle

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    Organizational innovation plays a very important role in the process of Taiwan's economic miracle. In order to survive, the business organizations have to continually make drastic innovations in today's business environment. This study aimed to explore the impacts from information culture and employee satisfaction on the organizational innovation; as well as the interferences between leadership style and different cultures and employee satisfaction. A questionnaire survey was applied to domestic workers and semi-structured interviews to 5 field directors in technology, financial, manufacturing, service and other industries was also performed. Through descriptive statistics, factor analysis, regression analysis, single-variable variance analysis (ANOVA), our conclusions are: there is an impact on organizational innovation from information culture and job satisfaction; on the other hand, the compassion from different leadership style and institutional regulations play as moderating variables that interfere with the information cultural and job satisfaction. It eventually affects the organizational innovation.