Advances in Management and Applied Economics

A Study on the Impact of Cruise Tourism Experience on Satisfaction, Revisit Behavior, and Consumer Spending Behavior

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    This study focuses on exploring the impact of cruise tourism experiences on travelers' satisfaction, revisit intentions, and consumer spending behavior. By distributing questionnaires to cruise travelers and collecting 372 valid samples, the study conducted a comprehensive analysis using structural equation modeling (SEM). The empirical results show that cruise tourism experiences play a crucial role in enhancing travelers' intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction. These satisfaction factors further positively influence travelers' revisit behavior and directly increase their consumer spending, highlighting the critical role of cruise service quality in promoting tourism sustainability and enhancing economic benefits. Additionally, the study found that improvements in the quality of services provided by cruise operators, such as accommodation, dining, and entertainment, can significantly enhance travelers' overall satisfaction. This not only fosters customer loyalty but also positively influences customers' revisit behavior and consumer spending behavior. These findings provide empirical support for cruise operators in improving services and formulating market strategies.


    JEL classification numbers: Z30, Z32.

    Keywords: Cruise tourism experience, Satisfaction, Revisit behavior, Consumer spending behavior.