Advances in Management and Applied Economics

A Research on the Relationship between Role Stress and Job Involvement for Prison Security Officers

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    In the past, correctional institutions and the prisoners being housed inside were viewed negatively by society. Today, the human rights of those behind bars have been greatly improved due to better understanding and continuous reform of the judicial and criminal systems. But these reforms have placed tremendous pressure on prison security officers. Employees' physical and psychological well-being, including those working in jailhouses, is key to institutional success; thus, preventing employees from developing role pressure, helping them become more involved in their job, and guiding them to obtain more confidence in their work are crucial matters that need to be addressed. This study aims to investigate the relationship between role stress and the job involvement of prison security officers in correctional institutions. We developed an online survey questionnaire and circulated it over the Internet. Next, the invalid parts were removed, and the data collected was analyzed. The results showed that role stress significantly impacts job involvement. Based on this, the following suggestions are proposed: (1) external counseling resources could be introduced for prison security officers; (2) grass-root security manpower could be added in correctional facilities; (3) means to relieve stress needs to be provided for security officers; (4) individual tasks should be clearly described and assigned; (5) retention incentives should be increased; (6) professional training should be improved; (7) self-learning should be encouraged;  (8) more opportunities for experience-sharing among peers could be given; and (9) senior officers must be urged to give speeches to boost their colleagues’ morale.


    Keywords: Prison security officers, Role stress, Job involvement.