Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Predictors of Nursing Staff Turnover Intentions - Evidence from Primary Care Organizations in Taiwan

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    The direct contact between nursing staff and patients during the COVID-19 epidemic increased their turnover tendency due to severe cases, mortality, disease uncertainty, and increased care giving stress during the outbreak, which had a significant impact not only on nursing staff but also on patients and hospitals. It is important for hospital administrators to examine the factors related to nursing staff and turnover tendency. In this study, we investigated the effects of personality traits, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover tendency by examining the correlation theory among frontline health care workers. The main findings showed that (1) personality traits had a significant positive relationship with organizational commitment; (2) job satisfaction had a significant positive relationship with organizational commitment; and (3) organizational commitment had a significant positive relationship with turnover tendency. The results of the study contribute to relevant literature and have guiding implications for the management of human resources in healthcare service organizations.


    Keywords: Personality Traits, Organizational Commitment, Turnover Intention, Job Satisfaction.