Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Research on the Context of Supervisor Leadership Style and Employee Well-Being

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    Thailand is one of the major industrial countries in Southeast Asia, with a workforce of approximately 38 million people. In recent years, Thailand’s government has started to emphasize the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the Thai workforce and has encouraged businesses to apply the principles of the “Happy Workplace” to enhance employees’ happiness and well-being. Although these principles can help businesses to systematically improve employee well-being, there are still many factors affecting employee well-being that are yet to be considered. This research aims to study the context of supervisor leadership style and employee well-being of Thailand’s M Chemical Company while conducting a departmental comparison as part of the analysis. This research is a case study that utilized literature analysis and interviews for data collection. The employees of the four major departments from the production factory of M Chemical Company were recruited as participants. The results showed that the difference in the department's job characteristics and structure influenced the department manager's leadership style. When the department manager is a transformational leader, the principles of the Happy Workplace can be enhanced to further improve the employees’ well-being.


    Keywords: Leadership styles, Employee well-being, Happy workplace.