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Evaluation and Analysis of the Impact of Customer Satisfaction of After-sales Service of Medical Equipment on Financial Performance-Taking a Medical Equipment Company as an Example

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    Taiwan's high-end medical equipment industry has been updated rapidly, especially the emphasis that medical institutions place on medical quality is reflected in the consumer demand market. In order to improve performance, in addition to promoting new equipment products, equipment manufacturers must pay more attention to customer feelings and sales satisfaction. This study aims at medical professional customers' satisfaction with the after-sales service customer service of medical equipment companies, using questionnaire surveys, and Use statistical analysis to detect the correlation and influence among variables, and make internal adjustments and service upgrades for the more influential variable groups to focus on projects, improve the overall after-sales service satisfaction, and then drive the growth of the company's performance and performance.

    According to the research results, the service items valued by the customer group can be significantly affected by the five dimensions in the conceptual model of service quality (PZB, 1988): 1. Reliability 2. Responsiveness 3. Assurance 4. Empathy 5. Tangible, so medical equipment manufacturers should continue to maintain good technical service quality, in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. These results can be used as a reference for enhancing the internal core value of the enterprise and planning marketing strategies.


    Keywords: Medical equipment, Service quality conceptualization model, After-sales service customer satisfaction.