Advances in Management and Applied Economics

An Analysis of Quality of Employment and Social Structure: The Case of White Collar Employment in Information Technology Sector in India

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  • Abstract

    Information technology and its enabled services are exponentially growing and promoting trade and commerce along with generating large employment opportunity in India. The limelight of the corporate culture has attracted various professionals to enter into this sector. However, the sector, which operates in a competitive market, has shown imperfection in its working condition. Predominant informalities in the form of job instability, insecurity, de-skilling of the skilled workers, worse working conditions, unequal employment treatment and influence of social networks in the form of regional and linguistic biases has led to imperfect competition in the sector. The research work has highlighted the imperfection in this sector by taking the sample size of eighty white-collar employees working across eleven IT-ITeS company in India. Hence, the research work is an attempt to focus attention towards informalities and imperfections in this sector that has affected the quality of employment and the social structure of employees.

    JEL classification numbers: J5, L2
    Keywords: White-collar employees, Quality of employment, Social structure, Employment relationship, Job satisfaction, Social networks.