Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Construction CSFs for ISO International Quality Management System

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    This study aims to discuss the critical success factors of introducing ISO international quality management system, to provide reference for Taiwan's traditional industries when they introduce the ISO international quality management system, and reduce various costs and time process of the introduction. Firstly, this study collects constructs from several relevant literatures, and categorizes 5 primary constructs and 20 secondary constructs based on the actual business situation of Taiwan’s traditional industry. In the second stage, Likert’s five-point scale is used to extract 3 secondary constructs with the highest scores under the 5 primary constructs respectively. The Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) is used to carry out questionnaire survey and obtain the relative weights of various primary and secondary constructs. It obtains the relative weights of 5 primary constructs and several secondary constructs, the primary constructs are “policy-related factors”, “technology-related actors”, “people-related factors”, “documents and data”, and “management review”. Furthermore, it extracts 15 secondary constructs and puts forth 6 propositions as research conclusion. It is hoped that the findings can provide important reference basis for the introduction of ISO international quality management system in Taiwan’s manufacturing industry, and thus speed up the time process and reduce cost of the introduction.


    JEL classification numbers: C83, M15, O31.

    Keywords: Manufacturing industry, ISO, Critical success factors.