Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Development of Team Leaders' Management Skills - Evidence from Taiwan's Bakery Industry

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    With the development of Taiwan's economy, the management function of the pastry baking industry has evolved from a one-stop production model in the traditional baking era to a quantitative production model in a modern chain store centralized factory. The purpose of this study was to observe the development of management functions among seven production team leaders in different companies in the pastry baking industry. Based on the research theme, a semi-structured interview method was used to collect data from the respondents in order to understand the development of management functions of the grassroots team leaders in the bakery industry. It was found that the ability to work with others was most important to enhance the management function. Based on the results of this study, recommendations are made for human resources departments, production department heads and production team leaders in the bakery industry, as well as for future research on the development of management functions.


    Keywords: Function, Functional Development, Development of production team leader management functions.