Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Entrepreneurial drives, organizational function, and success of Iranian entrepreneurs

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    Scholars and practitioners constantly report on the significance of research on entrepreneurship in upholding the performance of small industries. Nevertheless, little has been established in the literature on entrepreneurial studies in the Iranian context. Hence, this has induced the present research to explore the relationship between personal qualities and organizational functions on the success of entrepreneurs in small manufacturing firms in Iran. To fulfil the aims of the research, a quantitative research design with self-administered questionnaire was employed. The respondents were selected from the directory of small manufacturing firms provided by Iran Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO). Based on the probability sampling design, 600 entrepreneurs were chosen throughout the country to participate in the study. The mail survey yielded 240 completed responses, which were included in the final analysis. The results of the analysis revealed that entrepreneurs with high need for achievement, high level of risk taking, and high locus of control were more successful than those with low level of these qualities. On the other hand, this study found a significant positive linear relationship between personal qualities and entrepreneursí success in terms of growth and survival. Interestingly, the relationship between organizational function and entrepreneursí success was found to be significant, positive, and linear. This study supports previous research findings that small entrepreneurial companiesí success is a multi-dimensional construct.