Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Corporate Image Perception of Airline Employees

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  • Abstract

    The corporate image is one of the important factors that the institutions have to exist in the world in which there is a great competition. The corporate image indicates the total perception that shareholders have of the institution. The most significant factor providing that the institutions operating in the aviation industry have an image perceived positively is that employees reflect their attitudes and behaviors on the external shareholders positively as a result of the positive image of their own institutions they perceive. In this regard, the main purpose of the study is to identify the corporate image perception perceived by airline employees. Moreover, whether the variables in question vary by some demographic characteristics was investigated. As a result of the study conducted, it was identified that the corporate image perception of airline employees is high in all aspects.

    JEL classification numbers: M10, M14, L93
    Keywords: Corporate Image, Corporate Personality, Airline Employees.