Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Critical Success Factors Study for Taiwan Bakery Shops

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    Bakery products are a must-have food for many people every day. According to the survey, the annual global bakery market exceeds 300 billion US dollars, how to stand out in a highly competitive environment is a business issue for every bakery shop. Whether it is a chain bakery shop or an independent bakery shop, it must face strict selection of customers. The decision of which store to buy for customers may include factors such as product, location, interior decoration, price, service, advertisement, etc. Therefore, how to focus on the most important factor to increase customers' willingness to buy is the only way for bakery shops to win the competition. This research uses the Delphi method to conduct expert surveys. From the four aspects of product, sales, store design and service methods, three rounds of questionnaire are conducted on experts. The results show that the "taste of bakery products" and "appearance (style, size, color) of bakery products" on the product side, the "brightness of the physical storefront" on the store design and the "sales attitude of the service staff" and "whether to provide accumulated reward points", are considered by experts to be the most critical success factors for bakery shops.


    JEL classification numbers: M10, M30.

    Keywords: Bakery shop, Critical success factors, Delphi method, Expert survey.