Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Meso e macro determinants of the entrepreneurial success in university spin-offs

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    The study purposes to investigate the determinants of entrepreneurial success in university spin-offs (USOs) in Italy using a two- level of analysis: the meso level and the macro level. Using the Resource-Based View theory Th and the Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship, a framework to estimate the impact of the two contextual level has been explored. The results from the empirical analysis of sample of 405 Italian USOs, the results shows that USOsí success is related with the resources of the parent university (meso level) and regional area (macro level) targeted to support the spillover process and the related technology transfer to the market.

    JEL classification numbers: O30, O32.

    Keywords: University spin-offs, Meso level, Macro level, University, Region, Italy.