Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Factors Affecting the Elderly in Performing Social Services: A Case Study on the Elderly not Possessing a Volunteer Card

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  • Abstract

    The objective of this study is to discuss among those over 65 years old who do not have a volunteer card and are not registered with the local social service bureaus in Taiwan the motivational factors affecting their participation in social services. This study constructs its subject from the theory of motivation, with the aim to understand the satisfaction level of the elderly in social participation. The research findings are: (1) The will of an individual and the ability the person possesses can perpetuate the value of their social existence; (2) Influenced by fate and opportunity, the elderly are motivated to devote effort to search for social balance and regain a focus and role in life that will give them satisfaction; (3) The elderly enjoy serving the community by quietly doing good deeds and making private donations; (4) For the elderly overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown after retirement, their sense of loss changes after adapting to social services and interpersonal relationships; and (5) The elderly enjoy being able to seamlessly connect and find the beginning to another beautiful stage of life. These findings will provide references for social service-related practices for the elderly and follow-up studies.

    JEL classification numbers: L31, J14, J32.

    Keywords: Social service, Elderly, Participation motivation.