Advances in Management and Applied Economics

How to Improve the Effect of Live Streaming? From the Perspective of Content Type

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  • Abstract

    With the rapid development of online social media, live streaming has become a global trend and a new direction for strategic marketing in all walks of life. Therefore, this study mainly discusses how to improve audience’s attitude toward watching live streaming, and promotes purchase intention and positive word-of-mouth based on the four success factors of live streaming.

    The results show that:

    1)  among the four success factors, only playfulness and interactivity can positively and significantly affect attitude toward watching live streaming;

    2)  the attitude toward watching has positive and significant impact on the follow-up behavioural intentions (purchase intention and positive word-of-mouth);

    3)   the results of moderating analysis show that the positive impact of attitude toward watching on the intention of follow-up behaviour is not significantly different according to different types of live content.

    The findings of this study can provide different strategic views on the operation of live streaming platforms for live streaming hosts or those who use the platforms, by which to improve their business performance.

    Keywords: Live stream platform, Online celebrities, Playfulness, Interactivity, Positive Word-of-Mouth.