Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Advantage and Disadvantage of Foreign Migrant Fishermen in Small-Scale Fisheries toward Rural Coastal Areas

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    This research aims to explore the advantage and disadvantage of hiring foreign migrant laborers by small-scale fisheries (SSFs) toward rural coastal areas. The targeted groups are migrant fishermen coming from Indonesia who work onboard Taiwan’s fishing boats within Nanfangao area. First of all, we outline the importance of SSFs, particularly in developing countries. Many SSFs are characterized by self-governing mechanisms that have significant conservation value. This study is not only an exploratory research to find out and discover the range and scope of issues and concepts, but also is an explanatory research to explain how or why things are used to predict, which is carried out to investigate in a timely manner a phenomenon, that has not been studied before, or has not been well explained previously. As a result, this study indicates that the future research needs to demand priority and generate operational definitions for building a better-researched model.

    JEL classification numbers: F16, F60, H13.

    Keywords: Foreign Migrant Labor, Small-Scale Fisheries, Rural Coastal Areas.