Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Potential Areas for Investment in Morocco. An Analysis using Inputs-Outputs Model

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    During the 1990s Morocco implemented a series of major institutional and economic reforms that made the country politically stable and helped it to withstand the destabilizing effects of the Arab Spring. Political reforms resulted in the adoption of a new constitution in 2011, was followed by initiatives to improve justice, public administration, the fight against corruption, and to strengthen governance, transparency and ethics in public life. The country also embarked on a regionalization of public policies and decentralization of administration to ensure an integrated and durable regional development. This reform momentum was further emphasized by the King of Morocco when in his 2019 throne speech he stressed that "… the stake is thus to rebuild a strong and competitive economy, by encouraging the private initiative, while launching new productive investment plans and by creating new job opportunities…".

    Keywords: Moroccan economy, Investment in Morocco, Political reforms.