Advances in Management and Applied Economics

An Investigation of the Operational Efficiency of School Management through Innovative Teaching via Digital Mobile E-learning: DEA and Data mining Methodology

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    The goal of this research is to find out the factors or Determinants Affecting School Efficiency have the school to implement digital mobile e-learning and future tendency. The empirical results of this research indicate the following results: (1) In this study, we find that Importing digital mobile e-learning can really enhance the efficiency of school management. Furthermore, all these schools are located in Taipei City or New Taipei City. (2) Lastly, we also apply the data mining methodology to find that the teacher-student ratio, tablet PC numbers, technical teacher ratio, the total equipment expenses associated with tablet PC, School location and School attribute are important determinants for affecting the efficiency of school management. On the other hand, When the number of students decreases, too many teachers and technical teachers, as well as redundant equipment, etc., will become a burden on the school. Finally, these factors will affect school efficiency. The results of this research can also be the reference for educational authorities when formulating policies and regulations for promoting digital mobile e-learning.


    JEL classification numbers: C55, I28

    Keywords: Technical efficiency, Digital mobile e-learning, Data envelopment analysis (DEA), Big data application, Data mining methodology.