Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Impact of Servicescape on Quality Perception and Customers' Behavioral Intentions

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    The theme restaurant shaped by servicescape can enhance consumers' quality perception, create a unique identification of experience, and produce market segmentation and differentia. However, most of the theme restaurant owners are still believed that there are the causal relationships between dazzling space decorations and improvement of business objectives. Although they have inputted a lot of restructure funds, some can achieve the profit goals and others are not, what caused it to happen is urgent to clarify. Furthermore, previous studies have often been focused on the linear relationship between servicescape attributes and consumers' quality perception, seldom efforts in distinguishing the attributes of servicescape quality perception. Respondents were randomly selected and required to have had at least six times theme restaurant consumption experience in past one year. Those who met this criterion were given an in-depth interview. There were 286 usable responses obtained in total. The Kano modeling approach was used to classify the quality attributes. The 18 servicescape attribute can be classified as different quality categories, and proved the non-linear relationship between attributes of quality perception and customer satisfaction. To confront the business competitions, and concern of the limitation of resources, the more important servicescape elements should be executed earlier, in order to strengthen consumers' quality perception.