Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Workforce Diversity Affecting on the Non-financial Performance of Taiwanese Multinational Enterprises under Different Environmental Factors: CEOs' Viewpoints

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  • Abstract 

    Workforce diversity has been a constant heterogeneous phenomenon affecting foreign employees within the general international businesses field. Often, multinational enterprises envelope their own organizational culture within which different effects might be substantially produced when workforce diversity is incorporated. This study introduces the concepts of technological degrees of industry, types of multinational enterprises and degree of involvement in overseas markets; these are not often mentioned in related research involving workforce diversity, but may be strongly related to non-financial performance (NFP) of enterprises. In this study, related data were collected from CEOs (chief executive officers) of Taiwanese multinational enterprises to examine the reaction and perception of workforce diversity, and the results were analyzed under specific conditions to investigate how the prevalence of industrial structure and international competition would affect the organizational performance. Basically, the empirical results signify that the effects of workforce diversity have Influenced on the non-financial performance of Taiwanese multinational enterprises under different environment factors.

    JEL classification numbers: M12, M14, M16.

    Keywords: Multinational Enterprise, Workforce Diversity, Organizational Performance, Technological Degrees of Industry, Internationalization.