Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Reorientation of the World Economy and the Unique Case of SE Europe

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    Globalization is historically legitimate and an inevitable move towards progress, distinguished by the degree of development of the dialectic, between the two economic systems, that of capitalism and socialism and geostrategy. This mark is condensed maturity of quantitative changes and alertness or the start of solving impressively big problems of those who are epoch-making nature. Hysteresis in the management system of the economy, combined with the impasse in which led the geo-economic component of globalization, revealed new forces. The countries of SE Europe (SEE), located on the edge of both sides of EU and Eurasia have become the scope for developing relationships, which are trying to influence both sides, either with existing traditional institutions or by creating new ones. Transitivity causes changes in the economy. New positions on wages, labour and monetary policy are established, which primarily affect the countries of SEE, since here is the field of contradiction, evolving from the quantitative level to purely qualitative.