Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The role and the perceived impact of fiscal audits, conducted by the Hellenic Court of Audit (HCA), towards the effectiveness and efficiency of Greek Public Organizations

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  • Abstract 

    Fiscal audits may be considered as the guardian of public revenue and as a deterrent factor against financial mismanagement in public organizations. Fiscal auditing is an immensely broad discipline with strategic importance for society. In that sense, this paper aims to demonstrate the role of fiscal auditing conducted by the Hellenic Court of Audit (HCA), as a motivation tool towards the general improvement of public administration practices. The research focuses on exploring the perceptions of critical people in audited organizations, stemming mainly from financial/administrative or other departments that are directly associated with the Court's auditing procedures. It is considered that this research view, based on the perceptions of auditees, provides reliable and compelling evidence and can contribute significantly to the discussion on the implementation of good practices in public audits. For the research, primary data was collected through questionnaires addressed to public organizations that are obliged to fiscal auditing, under the rationale mentioned above. A statistical analysis followed, in terms of the relevant provisions, and an inferential process on the data was attempted. The research provided exciting results based on auditees' perceptions.

    Keywords: Financial Management, Government, Public Sector Auditing, Hellenic Court of Audit, Survey, Statistical Analysis.