Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Greece: Scenarios and Strategic Options to Overcome the Crisis

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    The purpose of this article is to present and discuss possible strategic solutions for the Greek crisis outlined in recent years. In the article, we use a hybrid method of analysis to propose solutions based on Situational Strategic Planning (SSP) and the development of specific analytical tools for the case of Greece. Several moments are considered in the study with the identification and synthesis of problems, causes, consequences, feasibility of measures and conflicts in potential. The latest crisis, the so-called “Greek crisis” is presented by the media and various organizations as a crisis of public spending excesses in relation to government revenues and non-payment of foreign debt. Moral guidelines in relation to decisions taken in the past by the government in relation to the salary increase for civil servants, falling tax revenues and certain consequences of the 2008 crisis on the country gives us the first painted image. We address economic, social and political aspects on internal and external context allowing the construction of scenarios, plans and design of strategic solutions at short, medium and long run. We show how one of the most traditional countries in the world could establish positive elements from the crisis.