Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Third-Level Education, Labour Force and the performance of Foreign Direct Investment in Greece. A Moral perspective for Europe

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    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is inevitably regarded as a major driver of economic development. The countries, both developed and developing ones, find many positive direct and indirect effects by attracting investments from abroad. However, FDI alone cannot guarantee an increase in a country‟s GDP. Greece, despite the current financial crisis, is among the countries in the European Union that cannot successfully attract FDI flows and a study based on its human capital structure is seemed important. The present paper gives particularly emphasis the educated labour force with respect to the tertiary education level of women while offering important results that can be implemented by policy makers in order Greece achieve higher and qualitative amounts of FDI inflows. As part of economic integration a synergy with respect to intra Eu- FDI flows across the member states seems crucial.