Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Conjoint Analysis on Reduction of Production Loss through Rice Storage Management in Northeastern Thailand

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    This study aims to examine the pattern of the storage of rice of farmersí crops in the northeast of Thailand. The sample set of the study consisted of 770 farmers from Khon Kaen and Sakon Nakorn provinces. Most farms grow outside irrigated area. Rice types that farmers mostly grow are RD6 and Khao Dawk Mali 105. Most farmers get one crop per year, in an in-season rice field. Most farmers store their crop in a barn. For 93%, this method of storage has not changed from the past. Most storage grains contain low moisture. Most storage grains are RD6. Most farmers keep grains in storage less than 6 months. The assistance that farmers want from the government is: 1) distribution of rice seeds, fertilizers, pesticides; 2) support of the rice production price; 3) recognition of the successful farms, such as those with high production, energy-saving equipment, high production technology and good profits.