Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Exploring the Environmental Awareness of the Residents in Pearl River Delta of China

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    Environmental pollution and ecological damage caused huge economic losses and harmed the health of the people so as to affect the stability of society.  Industries emit a large amount of untreated waste water, gas, slag and other hazardous wastes, which will seriously disturb the ecological balance of agriculture and natural resources and cause great harm; the spread of environmental pollution and public hazards directly endangers the health of the people. Along with the development of China, the problem of environmental degradation has become increasingly prominent, 78% of rivers that are close to industrialized townships cannot be sources of drinking water.  This study intends to explore the environmental awareness of the residents in the Pearl River Delta of China, one of the most developed areas in China. The results of the survey indicated that 31.8% of participants believe that only the government is effective in environmental protection, people can then be active in participation of environmental protection.


    Keywords: Environmental awareness, Pearl River Delta, China, environmental protection, Pollution.