Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Preliminary Study on Key Success Factors of Independent Cafe Operation in Taiwan

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    This research adopts an expert questionnaire design, with independent coffee shop operators in Taiwan as the main research object, and through questionnaires to understand the key factors for the success of independent coffee shops in Taiwan. This study retained six questions based on the results of the questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire can be divided into four dimensions, first, the external environment of the enterprise; second, the management team concept and the internal environment; third, marketing planning dimension; fourth, equipment planning and product characteristics. The follow-up can be further analyzed and expected to effectively help independent coffee shop operators understand the interaction between key factors in the success of coffee shops. Although the consumer demand for coffee in Taiwan is increasing, it is undeniable that the operation of independent coffee shop still faces serious challenges. The survey also shows that food safety awareness must be influenced by the external environment. Operators must shape an excellent management team and create a sound business philosophy and a smooth internal control process. Therefore, the final management team concept and internal environment facet only the turnover rate is not included in the key factors, the other five factors are important success factors (cvr>0.5).

    JEL classification numbers: M11, M12.

    Keywords: Coffee Raw Materials, Data Exploration, Significance.