Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Evaluation of Behavior, Skills and Commitment, Management

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    In this study, the amount of skills, behavior and commitment of managers are investigated. For this study, which is descriptive in nature, the specialization model of Sorice, Ok Oh and Ditton. The statistical sample includes 420 staffs chosen from the four areas of education is the city of Shiraz. Sample size is estimated at 132 using the Cochrane method. For sampling the stratified method was used. Questionnaires were used for data collection. To measure specialization we used questionnaires developed by Sriwongsa. The results supported the main hypothesis. That is, there was specialization among managers. The first subhypothesis was also confirmed: there were dimensions of specialization among managers. The second sub-hypothesis was confirmed as well; that is, there were differences between the dimensions of specialization variable. The third subhypothesis was confirmed for there were components of aspects of specialization among managers. The fourth sub-hypothesis was rejected; that is, there was no meaningful difference between components of behavior. The fifth sub-hypothesis was confirmed: there was no significant difference between components of skills. The sixth hypothesis was confirmed; that is, there were significant differences among components of commitment.