Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Financial Analysis on Indian Stock Market Volatility during Recession

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    In this article, a snapshot of the market performance during the two-year is presented and compared with the major overseas markets. A study considered a market performance of different sectors i.e. Information Technology and Banking with respect to the market. Further we analyzed that which sector is impacted most during the recession period. A number of parameters are used to capture the market performance such as daily return, Volatility of daily return, market capitalization and mutual fund activity. The period from January 2007 to November 2010 showed Indian marketís march towards the highest-ever levels of market capitalization and stock indices in 2007, and, thereafter, a precipitous fall in 2008. These include strong economic fundamentals, relatively stable political climate and, hence, large foreign funds inflow. Finally, we interpreted that which sector performing good and bad at this Global recession period and which sector has performed good after the recession or we can say there is no impact of  recession for that particular sector.