Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Development of Scale for Service Quality, Satisfaction and Behavioral intentions: Middle Eastern Context

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  • Abstract

    Measurement of service quality, customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions is becoming imperative to the success of any organization. The objective of this paper is the development of a reliable and valid scale for measurement of service quality, customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions appropriate for the unique cultural context of the Middle East. Three phase approach has been adopted and data has been collected using self-administered questionnaire from a sample of 373 respondents arrived at by cluster sampling. Data analysis techniques used include exploratory factor analysis, linear regression etc. The findings of this research emphasize the multi-dimensional nature of service quality and customer satisfaction consisting of seven dimensions each namely core service/ service product, tangibles and systematization, credibility, empathy, security, assurance and responsiveness. The behavioral intentions scale is found to involve three dimensions – loyalty, price sensitivity and response to problem. The findings of this research would provide valuable insights to the managers of the banks with regard to the dimensions that contribute to the perceptions of service quality, satisfaction and behavioural intentions. This would further help them formulate strategies to enhance these dimensions for better customer retention and customer equity.

    JEL classification numbers: M10
    Keywords: Banking, Customer service quality, Customer satisfaction, Behavioral intentions, Middle –East region.