Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Using Stochastic Multi Criteria Decision Making Technology to Evaluate Service Quality of Restaurant

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  • Abstract 
    Catering industry is one of service industry which can earn more stable operating profit and can generate a huge amount of job opportunity. However, catering industry is a high competitive industry and restaurants in catering industry usually face a lot of competitors. Service quality of restaurant is the competitive ability index in restaurant. So, it is an important issue to evaluate service quality of restaurant. The goal of this study is to develop a framework to evaluate service quality of restaurant for providing useful tool to restaurant. Based on proposed method, each restaurant can understand its service quality according to a huge amount of consumers’ opinion and understand its competitive position. In order to let reader, realize our method, a numerical example will be implemented to explain proposed method. Finally, some conclusion and future research will be discussed as ending. 
    JEL classification numbers: M10, C44, O14 
    Keywords: Restaurant Management, Linguistic Variable, Stochastic Multi Criteria Decision Making.