Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Studying Iran`s Tourism Industry Position in Middle-East using Tourism Development Indicators and TOPSIS Method

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    Today, tourism economy has a crucial role as one of the main principles of commercial economy in global economy. However, despite its ample tourism attractions Iran does not enjoy an acceptable place in world. Present study tries to answer to the question that regarding economic indicators of this industry what is Iran`s position compared to other middle-east countries? In addition, Iran`s position is investigated during economic development plans. To study Iran`s position, totally nine indicators are selected: indicator of total participation of tourism industry in GDP, total participation of tourism industry in jobs created, internal travel and tourism expenses, government expenses, tourist export, domestic consumption of tourist, travel, tourism and commercial expenses, holiday travel and tourism expenses and finally, investment indicator in tourism sector. TOPSIS method is used to compose said indicators. Results show that during economic development plans, Iran has gained these ratings respectively: 6th rating in 1989, 6th rating in 1996, 4th rating in 2000, 5th rating in 2005, 5th rating in 2011, and 5th rating in 2013 among middle-east countries.